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Registration is simple- insert username, email,  password (your), name.
Website owners please register with your domain email, or email that is listed on your website

Carefully fill all the necessary information, please write a short concise.

Title is limited to 60 characters- Only the first letter is capital- Do not insert contact,url,phone in the Title, write max 3 tags (1 Tag max 2 words )*

Each classified  is controlled manually,

if classified  contain errors, it will be deleted, we really do not have time to edit your errors

THX – admin     ( for paid packages we accept PayPal

>>>For USA Classifieds :

HOW TO ADD classifieds

>>>Global Classifieds (*excluding the USA)  :

>>>Adult classifieds (18+
There are package for classifieds . Possibilities of individul packages can be identified by checke-unchecked box to the options.


*( definition of the word tag, use up to 2 words for one tagthx )

Interested in your classifieds you may contact via “Contact owner” , that appears to know everyone classifieds.  So entering contact information into the text classifieds is unnecessary.


Warning-we do not accept classifieds from and their associated programs

If will your classifieds approved you see it  here :

admin will not further modify your classifieds if it contains errors will be deleted

Classifieds  are approved up to 48 hours, usually within 24 hours,

preferably approve paid classifieds

If you have questions, please contact us

Did you find an error?  Please write to us

You did not find a category for your classifieds?

– suggest category – Please write to us

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